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eagle court of honorReviews

What do other Scouters think of The Scoutmaster's Other Handbook? Here's a sampling of what people have said:

"Highlighted so much that the highlighter's DRY! Thank you for your wonderful, insightful resource. I would recommend it to any and all Scout leaders out there. Whether they are SMs, ASMs or committee, it is a vital tool with a lot of 'little known ideas' that could assist any unit into the 'Right Direction'."

"If you're a Scoutmaster or assistant Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop, buy this book! We bought them for all our adult leaders as it's chock full of small, simple and highly practical tidbits. A sure-fire winner!"

"Just bought The Scoutmaster's Other Handbook and read the entire tome while flying from Virginia to the west coast. Great stuff; keep up the good work. I especially enjoyed the comment to not let 'boy run' turn into 'boy run into the ground.' Right on!"

"The book covers the real world stuff which the official Scoutmaster's handbook doesn't. As a new Scoutmaster, I found myself using it as a working guide. It is well written, easily read and an excellent resource. "
"I have just completed reading one of the best 'self-help' books on Scouting and managing a troop. Rubber meets the road, nuts and bolts 'how to' help for Scoutmasters and all adult leaders."

"An absolute fabulous book and a MUST read by every Scouter. As an ADC, many times I am asked what is the correct way to do some aspect of Scouting. This book answers those questions. I found I couldn't put it down! For some, there hasn't been a well written Scout book since 'Green Bar Bill' passed. Well, then the torch has been passed to a new generation."

"I consider this book to be an essential addition to your Scouting library to join the official publications of the Boy Scouts. You will see a different method to deliver a high-quality program to youth."


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