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Other Web Sites of Interest


Here are some other Scouting Web sites you might find interesting.
(Keep in mind that these are mostly external links and are beyond my direct control.)


Note: Please email me at if you spot a broken link or would like to suggest an additional link. Thanks! (Last update: September 4, 2014)


Eagle-specific Sites


Sites Mentioned in The Scoutmaster's Other Handbook


Chapter 1: Introduction 



Chapter 2: The Annual Troop Program



Chapter 3: Outings



Chapter 4: High Adventure



Chapter 5: Philmont



Chapter 6: Travel



Chapter 7: Troop Meetings



Chapter 8: Ceremonies



 Chapter 9: Advancement



 Chapter 10: Patrols



Chapter 11: Membership



Chapter 12: Adult Leaders



Chapter 13: Parents



Chapter 14: Junior Leaders



Chapter 15: Troop Administration



Chapter 16: Safety



Chapter 17: Equipment



Chapter 18: Money



Chapter 19: Communication



 Chapter 20: Resources



Other Scouting Sites