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eagle court of honor


What do other Scouters and Scout parents think of The Eagle Court of Honor Book? Here's a sampling of what people have told me:

"Your book is wonderful. Our troop is small and never had an Eagle under the current leadership; we the parents have to put on the court of honor. Had no idea what to do. You have turned what we thought was going to be an overwhelming task into something I think we can actually handle. Thanks so much!"

"In our troop, the family plans the whole program and reception ... start to finish. I purchased your book and wanted to let you know it's been a life saver! The timelines and samples in the book of invitations, programs, ceremonies, etc., have been most helpful. We'd only been to two such courts of honor and had no idea really how to plan one ourselves. Thanks for all the help!"

"I am pleased to have had the pleasure of reading your book, The Eagle Court of Honor Book. It is absolutely amazing information, heartfelt and a down-to-earth approach for Eagle courts of honor. I applaud you for your excellent work."

"We held a triple Eagle ceremony March 28th for my son and two other boys in his troop. Your book was the best to help us plan an informative yet impressive ceremony for these boys. People who knew nothing came away with a greater respect and knowledge of what the "Trail to Eagle" means due to the readings we took and adapted for our program. I recommend this book to all Scouters I see who are looking at Eagle rank."

"I had no idea what to do or where to start, so I'm excited about your book. Thanks for helping us desperate parents put together a momentous occasion!"

"I would like to take this opportunity to sing my praise for your book, The Eagle Court of Honor Book. It is most likely one of the greatest resources to planning an Eagle court of honor. I used the format and different bits and pieces of the scripts in your book. I even added my own items to fit my needs. After my court of honor, I got many compliments on how great the court of honor was. I did most of my planning myself, and the information in the book makes it easy for the Scout, the parents, and the Scoutmaster to put together a wonderful Eagle ceremony."

"Thanks for writing such a great book. I know this book will be worth the modest investment and get lots of use."

"THANK YOU ... THANK YOU ... THANK YOU. Just a quick note to let you know how much your book and e-mails are meaning to us. As parents without a committee to help with this planning--you are our main resource--we know that we would not be able to put this together without your help!! We now understand why there are some Scouts who don't have an Eagle court of honor: Some parents are overwhelmed ... and those without a computer or typewriter .... well! Thanks for all you do! We keep telling people about you and your wonderful site!"

"Just thought that I would drop you a note to say THANKS. My son Matt received his Eagle on August 11 making him a third-generation Eagle. Both my dad and myself took part in the ceremony and it was the proudest day in our lives. We made extensive use of your book, your Web site and a large volume of other resources to design a ceremony that was meaningful to Matt, truly touched the audience and inspired the many Scouts in attendance."


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